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Candle FAQS

How long do I burn my candles for?

Candles should only be burned for up to 4 hours at a time. Burning candles for longer than the suggested burn time can cause the candle glass to overheat. Exceeding the recommended candle burn time will also cause your wick to begin to mushroom (the curling and black mounds at the top of our wick) which will cause the candle to burn hotter than regular temperature. Be aware that an overheated candle glass can sometimes cause the glass to weaken and possibly crack.  Therefore, never leave candles left unattended or burnt on a surface that is not fire resistant.

Why do I need to trim my wick before lighting?

Trimming your candle wicks to 1/4” before relighting will allow the candle to burn at a safe temperature. Not trimming the wick before relighting could cause debris to fall into your wax. If this occurs, please make sure to remove any debris before relighting your candle.  


Why do I have black soot coming from my wick?

 Soot can occur if you have done one of the following:

-Candle burnt longer than the recommended time frame of up to 4hrs at a time

-Wick left longer than 1/4 inch and continued to burn the candle for an extended time period

-Debris/dirt/dust allowed to build up in your wax prior to relighting


Why should I burn my new candle for 4 hours on the first burn?

Candles create a memory so if you are burning it in short periods of time it will begin to tunnel (leaving residue around the sides and wasted wax and fragrance). If you burn initially for up to 4 hours or until you achieve an even wax pool (the top layer is completely liquid or as close as possible) the candle memory will continue to burn like so, throughout the remainder of your jar. 


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