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Super Luxurious Lip Shines, Non-sticky High Shine, Paraben Free / Cruelty Free / Mineral base formulation. Vitamin E helps to keep lips moisturized all day. Provides ultra-shine. Net wt. .25 oz. each Lip Shine. Bottle with Black Matte Cap with Sponge Applicator. Beautifully packaged in a 6" x 8" glossy black box in which the top pulls up.


Lip Shine Names: Love Spell (Glitter Shine), Pleasure (Lip Gloss Shine), Seductive (Ultra Sheer Shine), Fantasy (Glitter Shine), Obsession (Ultra Clear Shine), Erotic (Lip Gloss Shine)

Forbidden Lip Shine (Lip Gloss) Kit

SKU: 632793430919
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